Writing and Recording

We've been busy working on some new recordings with our producer, Alfonso Velez, both in the rehearsal space and at the Strange Weather Recording Studio in Williamsburg. Be sure to follow us on Instagram (@littleanchormusic) for the latest!

A Familiar Place Is Out in the World!

We are soooooo excited that "A Familiar Place" is out in the world today!

You can find it available for download through our Bandcamp player above or on iTunes, and it will be on all streaming platforms in the next week!

And, not only is the song out, but we put together a mini-documentary on our day recording at Strange Weather! 

There are a few people I can't thank enough during this process --

To Cory Wilson -- such a pleasure to finally be able to collaborate together! Thank you for being the first one to indulge this idea of making a video on our day in the studio and bringing it to life. The cinematography was beautifully shot. Many thanks to you and Fernando Ortega for joining us on this special day.

To Eren Gulfidan -- it has been such a pleasure for me to work side by side with you at your studio and see you do your magic in person. It is clear that you have a natural talent for editing and filmmaking. I can't thank you enough for the hours you spent sifting through the massive amount of footage we had to get a final cut we were all more than happy with, especially during a particularly trying week for you. Thank you so much.

To Marc Alan Goodman -- thank you for opening the doors to Strange Weather to Little Anchor (and crew) and for sharing your insights about recording and arrangement on record with everyone!

To Barclay Douglas -- yet another beautiful illustration for the books. Thank you. A partnership for the ages!