“Little Anchor’s Single “Alive” Leaves You Wanting More” -The Wild Honey Pie

“Lead vocalist Alexa Cabellon lends her sugary sweet voice to songs about feeling alive, and the mood is infectious.” - Music Savage

“A song of hopeless romanticism and desire for something unobtainable. As dark and depressing as that description sounds, this track (Alive) is still a feel good jam. That's why, every now and again, Little Anchor gets stuck on play, everyday." - Hear & Now Media

Performer Magazine Top Pick October 2013


“Their sound is unabashedly polished and ready for the radio, but they maintain an indie edge suitable for the County of Kings.” -The Wild Honey Pie

“Cabellon’s cooing and her bandmate’s deftly-navigated idyllic instrumentation proves a most agreeable match, languidly pastoral and perfect summer afternoon fare. Verily, verily recommended.” -Fuzzy Logic

“The Brooklyn-based indie-pop outfit dazzle with unforgettable melodies and the smooth vocal stylings of singer Alexa Cabellon on this brand new release.” -Spinner Full CD Listening Party

“I was instantly instantly in love the softly-whispered, serene voice of singer Alexa Cabellon which shines throughout the six EP’s tracks, her sweet, calm voice is nothing short of beautiful.” -Just Music That I Like

“With great attention to detail to her life’s journeys, brought to fruition with both somber and elated melodic vocals, and the crescendo and respective decrescendo throughout “Yellow Lights,” you’re can’t help but to be taken onto Alexa’s boat, where beneath it roll the wave’s ebbs and flows, carrying the momentum of her Little Anchor.” -Musebox

“I have the feeling that most of the quality music curently produced by NYC artists is in the range between “mid tempo” and down right “mellow”. Brooklyn-based four-piece Little Anchor position themselves in the latter category…” -The Deli