The Dutch Love Us!

We were absolutely thrilled to see this review of “Until Our Eyes Adjust” all the way from Amsterdam! Thanks so much to Apply Some Pressure for featuring us on the New Music section of the site, and also thanks to our friend Gijs Teule at BUMA/STEMRA for translating the kind words for us.

In June 2010 Alexa Cabellon (by the name of Little Anchor, along with three friends) released an album on the market called Sunland. The song ‘Until Our Eyes Adjust’ is absolutely worth listening to.

“Big sounds from a little lady and her friends”, this is how the members of Little Anchor from Brooklyn describe themselves on MySpace. And do not think of a stadium-filling sound, but rather in the category ‘grown big by staying small’. The band is successfully fishing in the pond of ‘sweet-and-whisper songs’.

The single 'Until Our Eyes Adjust’ is their latest successful catch. A song that is inspired by the Beatles song  ‘Blackbird’. At least that’s what frontwoman Alexa Cabellon wants us to believe.

“This song originated from playing ‘Blackbird’ on the guitar too many times to count, and it ended up being about that moment right before you fall asleep next to someone you care deeply about – where feelings of vulnerability, love and uncertainty all overlap.”

In this particular case, it’s perfect just the way it is, simply listen breathlessly and wobble along quietly with it.